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“The focus of foreign assistance needs to shift from aid to enterprise, from poverty alleviation to wealth creation, from paternalism to partnerships, from handouts to investments, from seeing the poor as consumers or burdens to seeing them as creators and from encouraging dependency to integrating the poor into networks of productivity and exchange.” – Jonathan Lea

“Why Foreign Aid Is Harmful.” Jonathan Lea Network, 6 April 2020.



Our vision is to see rural communities in Uganda develop using sustainable solutions that give hope and dignity to the most vulnerable. Each of Musana’s initiatives play a role in building a resilient, self-sustaining community, free of dependency on foreign aid. 



We focus on social enterprises that promote education, health and economic development. Each social enterprise works independently but in support of each other, cycling the profits back into the community through education scholarships and  medical assistance. Through our Christian values, we spread hope to each person touched by Musana’s community work, sharing the message of Jesus Christ and the love He has for each of us.



From tangible gains in sustainability to community outreach and COVID-19 relief, learn what our programs have achieved and how your donations were put to work.

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