We focus on social enterprises that promote education, health and economic development. Each social enterprise works independently but in support of each other, cycling the profits back into the community through education scholarships and medical assistance.

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Social Enterprise Projects


nursery through secondary schools

Musana believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty within the community as a whole. With high dropout rates and a lack of quality standards within schools in Uganda, Musana offers the community quality educational institutes that go beyond the national curriculum in order to raise future generations of empowered leaders. We are known for our high educational standards, exceptional living conditions and most importantly, our emphasis on being a Christ-centered loving home to all of the children on our campuses.

economic development

creating jobs

There is a detrimental unemployment rate in Uganda, in which 18-30 year-olds make up 64% of unemployed persons. Musana’s economic development initiatives tackle this issue by tapping into people’s creativity and potential, inspiring job creators and entrepreneurs. Acting as one of the largest training centers in Iganga, Musana equips Ugandans of all ages, educational backgrounds, and economic status in both business and practical skills.


musana community hospitals

Access to quality health services has been pinpointed as a detrimental challenge that the people of rural Uganda face. The district of Iganga has one hospital that lacks resources and personnel to provide for the overwhelming number of patients that come on a daily basis. As a result, the million people that this facility serves are not receiving proper medical care and are suffering or dying due to a lack of treatment. In order to combat the dire need, we built the first Musana Community Hospital in Iganga and our second hospital opened in 2022 in Kaliro.

The vision for Musana Community Hospitals is to transform the standards of health care by offering a patient-centered, holistic, and compassionate approach. We emphasize values such as patients come first, respect and dignity, commitment to quality of care, integrity and accountability, good stewardship and commitment, teamwork, and compassion.


6,026 Children educated

Economic Development

560 full time employees

1,001 Women empowered with skill training


230,201 Patient visits

profits made by our social enterprises are invested into

community outreach


Musana’s scholarship program strives to pave a road of opportunity for Uganda’s youth who were born into circumstances in which they have lacked choice. Through the provision of scholarships, we refuse to see potential wasted. On the contrary, we are tapping into the greatness of Uganda’s youth that has been masked by economic class to raise the next generation of transformative leaders.

Each year, our social workers identify the most vulnerable children who would not get an education otherwise, offering them a position at Musana schools. We intermix these children with all the other students from the community, keeping them anonymous so they can go to school with dignity, free from the stigma of being vulnerable and in need. Furthermore, our social workers check-up and counsel the children’s relatives, working directly to improve not only the quality of life for the children, but the entire family.

higher education scholarships

After our scholarship students graduate from Musana schools, we offer them an opportunity to apply for a higher education scholarship at a university or trade school. We also support long-serving and dedicated staff members with the chance to return to school and upgrade their qualifications.

health outreach events

In the most rural areas of Eastern Uganda, access to health care is challenging. In response to the needs of these communities, Musana’s Social Work Department partners with Musana Community Hospitals and remote village leaders to organize health outreach events. During health outreach events, social workers and health practitioners travel to rural areas of Iganga to provide free services including malaria and HIV testing, dental check-ups and extractions, family planning, prenatal care, nutrition screenings, vaccinations, and counseling.

project restore
Project Restore seeks out the most vulnerable children and adults in dire health, and those living with disabilities, to provide them with proper medical attention through surgeries and rehabilitation. The dream is that once they are “restored”, they will be able to live independent lives and give back to their communities.
rehab & disability services

A unique focus at Musana Community Hospitals is one led by the Rehabilitation & Disability Services Department. The department is aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and to promote inclusion among the community. Our full-time physiotherapist provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for fractures, pediatric conditions, stroke recovery, and chronic illness management, among other conditions. Our occupational therapist concentrates on community-based rehabilitation and parent education programs. By partnering with other local organizations to mobilize individuals with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities, we create a support network and improve access to services.



Musana Empowerment Center (MEC) is a skill training and development center for women, offering a variety of vocational courses. These classes train women in six-month to one-year increments, offering classes in tailoring, knitting, and hairdressing. The intensive courses create entrepreneurs with a practical and business-centered approach. The students are first trained in a skill of their choosing, then are provided business classes, and upon graduating are offered the opportunity to apply for a loan to open their own enterprises utilizing their new skill set.

merchandise production

Musana trains and employs women in craftsmanship, tailoring, knitting, embroidery, and tie-dye. Our women currently have contracts with multiple schools, businesses, and organizations to make uniforms, sweaters, bags, and other local demands. Concurrently, these women continue to perfect their handiwork in the creation of beautiful merchandise that is sold in the tourist craft market in Uganda and overseas. Every item that is made in this department not only supports Musana, but provides income for the women, enabling them to take care of themselves and their families.


Our guesthouses are an oasis! Located next to MEC and Musana schools, guests will have an opportunity to experience what it is like to live on-site as a member of the community. The secure compounds have beautiful grass areas with fruit trees and flowers, an outdoor gazebo where guests can sit and relax, and a terrace that is perfect for morning yoga or nightly stargazing. 

Musana hosts visitors from all over the world. Some visitors come to learn and study Musana’s model, and others come to engage with and empower our team of local leaders.


Equipped with a restaurant, bar, pool hall, coffee shop, and conference hall, Sol View is a go-to for the community. Offering a delicious variety of local, Indian, and Western cuisine, as well as a relaxing and enjoyable ambiance, there is no place like it in the surrounding area. Providing the community with a social hotspot, Sol View simultaneously acts as a training center for catering and hospitality. Once our staff and students receive training, they have more employment opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry elsewhere.