Replicating Musana’s model in more communities!

Musana is growing! As we introduce and replicate the Musana model in new communities, we are multiplying our number of construction sites. Our vision for the future is to replicate the Musana model in communities across Uganda, East Africa, and eventually, throughout the world. As we expand, we will continue our mission to restore hope and dignity by empowering communities to not only survive, but to thrive.

With the success of Musana’s schools, more than ever, we recognize the enormous gap that exists in providing quality and holistic education across Uganda. Our belief that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty within a community is why we start with construction of a Musana Nursery & Primary School campus when we enter a new community.

In Uganda, only 10% of Ugandan children aged 3-5 are enrolled in pre-primary school. In the Eastern Region, it is much lower. In the Busoga region, only 21% of children under five are developmentally on track in numeracy and literacy. Research shows a direct correlation with a child’s pre-primary education and their ability to succeed in school. By giving young children a solid educational foundation in nursery & primary school, Musana has proven to be successful in battling the average Ugandan drop-out rate. Forty-six percent of Ugandans drop-out of primary school compared to 2.5% of Musana’s original eighty students.

In 2019, we identified Kaliro District, located approx. 30 kilometers from Musana’s original branch in Iganga District. Kaliro is a quickly developing community with a population that is growing rapidly. With 60% of Kaliro’s population below the age of 16, and the district lacking in quality and affordable education and health services, it became a prime location for Musana’s first full replication. Based on the immediate needs of the community, we first tackled the construction of a full nursery & primary school campus (see below for what is included in a campus). Then, in July 2021, we broke ground on a community hospital which will not only serve the people of Kaliro, but also neighboring villages and communities that have limited access to health services.

As we look forward to the next phase of replication in Kaliro, we will build a Musana Vocational High School (MVHS) to give our primary school graduates a place to continue to be molded into change-makers who will lead their community and their country for decades to come.

But… that’s not all we have in the works! While students have been out of school since spring of 2020 due to the pandemic, our planning and development team has been busy at work seeking out districts and communities that will benefit most from Musana’s programs and sustainable approach to community development. In August 2021, we announced our newest location for replication of Musana’s proven model of development – Kamuli District, located approx. 65 kilometers NW of Iganga (about a 1.5 hr drive). As of October 2021, site planning is underway and we will break ground on our newest Nursery & Primary School campus before the end of the year!


When Musana is introduced into a new community, the replication begins with land planning with local officials, and construction which immediately provides new job opportunities for the community.

Construction of a full Musana replication takes an average of four years. After that, all programs have the ability to run at full capacity. This timeline and phased development approach is flexible because we must consider each community’s unique level of demand for programs within education, health, and economic development enterprises.




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