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Whether you want to volunteer in Colorado or visit Musana, we have several ways to bring hope and dignity to the local people of Iganga, Uganda.



Stateside Opportunities

We need volunteers to work with Musana in the U.S. to bring awareness to the model of change happening in Uganda.  Whether you are retired or in school, we welcome volunteers of all ages.

Volunteers are always needed to help in the following areas:

  • Administration:  Assist with mailings, organization, meeting preparation, and more.
  • Merchandise Events: Help sell Musana merchandise at farmers markets, church events, and other corporate events.
  • Special Events: Support special events by helping to set-up, clean-up, and hosting our fundraising events.

Summer Internship

Our internship program is a unique opportunity for students, young professionals, or anyone with a hunger to learn from the amazing people of Uganda! Utilizing Musana’s development model, this internship program provides the chance to see what our values of local ownership, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and accountability look like in practice in a community like Iganga, Uganda. With less emphasis on task-oriented projects, this internship program focuses more on cultural emersion, building relationships, and exposure to the greatest social issues in Uganda. Our interns automatically build on their own skills and talents by engaging with different perspectives and approaches… possibly finding their own ideas transform! 

Come & See Trip

This is not the typical “come and do for others” type of trip. It is a “come and see what happens when others are empowered to do for themselves” type of trip. Musana’s bold model of development is changing the world through sustainable solutions. This trip is an opportunity to “come and see” what and how this model works in practice!

You will: 

  • Build relationships with our incredible men, women, and children and hear about their hopes and dreams for the future. 
  • Witness the impact Musana is making in Iganga.
  • Experience rural Uganda by visiting the villages where we work, and see other local schools and hospitals.
  • And more!


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For volunteer opportunities in Colorado, please contact Kelly MacDonald at