DSC_0064Musana’s SHINE Program is a monthly opportunity to join the revolution of change that is bringing dignity and hope to the people of Uganda through sustainable solutions! Your donation of $40 or more a month will support Musana in honor of a child who has been transformed by our initiatives.  Your gift will expand our efforts to reach MORE children, MORE women, employ MORE locals, and RESTORE MORE HOPE AND DIGNITY.

Our SHINE Program gives donors the opportunity to support Musana’s overarching vision of empowering local people (of all ages) through sustainable solutions, shifting the mindset from dependency towards LOCALS believing that they can “be the change”.  The SHINE Program supports this vision as a monthly investment towards the expansion of Musana’s presence, igniting a fire within the local people to SHINE in their community. Your recurring gift will shape not just one child’s education or one woman’s economic/skill development but will help create significant transformation in an entire community through the provision of education, health, skill development, and economic development programs.

Mathew 3:6 says, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret.”

The children do not know about Musana’s SHINE Partners. Instead, they see themselves as the agents for change in Uganda, shifting the mindset that the Bazungu (foreigners) are the answer to their problems.

Gifts can be made by check or credit card monthly (minimum $40), quarterly (minimum $120), bi-annually (minimum $240), or annually ($480)- you choose.

All donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a yearly receipt for your records.

Donate by Credit Card:


Donate by Check:

Make checks payable to: Musana Community Development Organization
Send to: Musana Community Development Organization 400 W South Boulder Rd, Suite 1700, Lafayette, CO 80026



As SHINE partners you will:

  • Follow a specific child who has been transformed by Musana, receiving photos and updates twice a year, one about him/her and one about Musana’s impact in the community!
  • Receive frequent updates about what is going on at Musana through our monthly newsletter, including an update from Iganga, and how things are going Stateside!

Please note: Following our desire to break the dependency mindset, we have a “no hand-out” policy. Please do not send material gifts but instead pray, love, and appreciate the woman and/or child that you are making a monthly donation in honor of… a true “hand-up.”