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With our values of local ownership, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and accountability, we have seen true and lasting change become a reality, proving that sustainable community development is successful when it comes from within.

Our Story

in the beginning

When three university students traveled to Uganda for an internship, they did not know their lives and the lives of so many more would be changed forever. While in eastern rural Uganda, they discovered 162 children living at an orphanage in the worst conditions imaginable. These children, ages 4-14, were sleeping in three tiny rooms, without beds or blankets, on a rocky dirt floor. Rats climbed over them as they slept and their bedrooms turned to mud when it rained. Their bodies were covered in rashes and many suffered from bacterial infections. Day-to-day, these children were hungry, sitting idle, uneducated, unloved, and completely hopeless. It was then that these three college students knew that they couldn’t walk away. Through partnering with two Ugandan young men, the group of future founders successfully adopted 80 of the 162 children. In September 2008, Musana Children’s Home was established and the children moved into a place they could finally call home. For most of the children, it was their first time sleeping in a bed, their first time receiving three meals a day, proper medical care, a good education, and most importantly… love.

the evolution of musana

Musana’s mantra over the years has become okusoma tekukoma, meaning “learning never ends” in Luganda, Uganda’s national language. The road that has led to where Musana is today has been full of challenges and learning curves. Our progress in so many ways has come from trial and error, being fearless of making changes when we have made mistakes. As a result, we have continuously learned the greatest needs of the community and how to work with the people to combat the barriers standing in the way of effective development. One of our first and greatest lessons was that the community did not need another orphanage or children’s home, that would become a “drop-off” spot for parents and guardians who believed their children were better off in the hands of institutions linked to foreign aid.

In 2010, recognizing our impeding action in creating Musana Children’s Home, we changed our name to Musana Community Development Organization (MCDO), a national NGO in Uganda and a 501(c)3 in the United States. The name change was aligned with our evolving mission and vision to tackle one of Uganda’s greatest challenges, the dependency mentality. Read more about The Challenge.

Andrea and Haril Kazindra (and family) - Co-Founders/Executive Directors
The first 80 children to be welcomed to Musana in 2008

musana today

Musana empowers communities to “be the change” by creating sustainable enterprises that break the cycle of dependency and build pathways out of poverty. In 2018 Musana’s founding community in Iganga reached 100% sustainability. Through this achievement, Musana has proven that sustainable development in low-income communities is not only possible, but it is effective! Under the leadership of Executive Directors Andrea & Haril Kazindra, two of the five founders, Musana’s vision for the future is to replicate the Musana Model in communities across Uganda, East Africa, and eventually, throughout the world. As we expand, we will continue our mission to restore hope and dignity by empowering communities to not only survive, but to thrive!

Our Team

board of directors

Ugandan Local Board

Local boards own and operate all programs on the ground. They oversee the operations and approve all budgets, policies, and work plans. Their role is to ensure the vision, mission, and objectives are being carried out by the local team.

Ugandan Board Members

  • Chairperson:  Loida Nambi 
  • Secretary:  Haril Kazindra
  • Treasurer:  Andrea Kazindra
  • Beth Baleke
  • Dr. Peter Kawanguzi
  • Edward Kimalyo
  • Beatrice Tanaguza

U.S. Funding Board

The U.S. Funding Board directs the U.S. central arm of the organization. The board’s primary responsibility is to fundraise and support the programs led and owned by the local boards. The U.S. Board has a fiduciary responsibility of ensuring that resources are used wisely, and approves all capital and operating budgets.
U.S. Board Members
  • President:  Leigh Dunn
  • VP:  Tracy Pirnack
  • Treasurer:  Seth Gunderson
  • John Sawyer
  • Justin Mihalcin
  • AJ Bourg
  • PJ Martin
  • Keith Kasten
  • Sara Swearingen
  • Kay Morrison

U.S. Advisory Board Members

  • David Morrison
  • Pat Pauline
  • Stew Pirnack
  • Bob Rensink
  • Don Dolifka
  • Bob Moser


Musana is not solely a group of people working to empower the people of Uganda. Our team is made up of 509 Ugandan employees. These local leaders are igniting economic and social change by championing our core values of local leadership, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and accountability.

Uganda Team

AllAdminHealthEconomic DevelopmentEducationOutreach Department

Haril Kazindra

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Juliet Angwech

Head of Musana’s Empowerment Center

Carol Agasha

Technical Manager, Musana Health Center

Dr. Ivan Munigwa

Medical Officer

Dr. Jesse Naaya

Head Clinician/ Medical Officer

Edward Maganda

Social Worker

Esther Agwang

Head Teacher at Kamuli Nursery & Primary

Florence Nabaganzi

Social Worker

Harun Wansadha

Sol View Chef & Guesthouse Manager

Henry Ngobi

Head Teacher at Busei Nursery & Primary

Irene Nakagolo

Head of Nursery Section at Busei Primary Campus

Isaac Mugabi

Procurement Officer

Joash Paul Ndizaawa

Social Worker

John Mary Mungere

Financial Controller

Mike Nalugoda

Technical Manager, Primary Schools

Moses Ntawu

Principal at Kaliro Primary Campus
Jude Asiimwe Tadeo

Jude Asiimwe Tadeo

Sol View General Manager

Patrick Nsubuga

Dental Officer

Patrick Opolot

Sol View Store and Procurement Manager

Phillip Aine

Accounts Officer

Susan Akunu

Administrative Manager

Susan Kibodyo

Hospital Administrative Assistant

Yona Ibanda

Public Relations & Senior Advisor
Onesmus Owakabi

Onesmus Owakabi

Medical Officer

Susan Lubwama

Deputy Head Teacher at Musana Vocational High School

Simon Peter Gwok Okungu

Head Teacher at Musana Vocational High School

Prossy Acan

HR Manager

Joseph Opolot

Guest Relations Officer
Herbert Kyewuta

Herbert Kyewuta

Head Teacher at Bukona Nursery & Primary

Stateside Team

Andrea Kazindra

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Leah Pauline


Erin Moser

Development Director

Cory Wolven

Communications & Marketing Director

Tami Hall

Operations Manager

Susie Knight

Community Engagement Coordinator

Monique Garcia-Carson

Merchandise Coordinator

Ellen Conner


Nicole Unger

Development Officer

Our Partners