Behind the missed school days
lay bigger challenges for Uganda’s youth.

The adverse effects of school closures threaten students' return to school and their futures.

child labor

The unprecedented economic impact of the pandemic is pushing children into exploitative and dangerous child labor. Many children feel they have no choice but to work to survive.

teen pregnancy

Uganda’s COVID-19 school closures have exposed girls to a particularly vulnerable situation. Outside of the protected walls of school, girls are at an increased risk of early and forced marriage, sexual exploitation, transactional sex for basic goods, and unplanned pregnancy. As we look to January, when schools are scheduled to reopen, it is projected that dropout rates will disproportionately affect adolescent girls in Uganda, further entrenching gender gaps in education.

financial trouble for Private Institutions

Private schools have been the primary source of high school education Kaliro. In Uganda, private schools are usually situated in communities where the government has failed to provide public schools. With private schools relying on tuition for 90%, or more, of their operating budget, many had no choice but to terminate their staff and close their doors for good. Permanent closure of these schools leave extremely limited options for aspiring students.

every future matters

If you’ve checked out our year-end goal, you know that we have a vision to push back on the threats to youth returning to school. Starting in Kaliro District, where we have evaluated a particularly dire situation in regard to teen pregnancy and permanent closure of many schools, we plan to build a Musana High School campus. This high school campus will not only provide quality and affordable education, but will also act as a safe-haven, protecting our most vulnerable teens from the harmful threats that surround them. In addition to a traditional high school, we will offer a program where new mothers can continue their education and have hope for a better future.

In order to break ground on one of the most important projects we’ve ever taken on, we need your help!

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