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The Cycle of Dependency: When Helping Does More Harm than Good

The Cycle of Dependency


Musana Celebrates the Day of the African Child

Day of the African Child

Every year, the Ugandan government celebrates the Day of the African Child on June 16th,.  This year’s, “Day of the African Child” celebration brought forth awareness and a call to end child marriage throughout Uganda, Musana received a certificate by the local government for transforming the lives of vulnerable children in Iganga.

Musana’s Kids are Growing and Giving Back: News from May!

Musana Kids are growing and giving back this month!

“Social entrepreneurship,” “sustainability,” “accountability” and “local ownership,” have become buzzwords in the conversation of international development. Musana gives reality to these terms. We demonstrated 86% financial sustainability in 2014 and a team of 70+ Ugandans led the organization on ground.