“I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living.” – John D. Rockefeller

Musana’s skill development department acts as one of the largest training centers in Iganga where the most vulnerable are equipped with both business and practical skills. Each skill development enterprise supplies a demand in the community, while offering vulnerable men and women training they can utilize to provide for themselves and their families. Through skill development, they are given the choice to be independent with hope and dignity restored, breaking the cycle of dependency. Watch our impact video.

Sol View

Completely equipped with Wi-Fi in a prime location at the center of Iganga town, Sol View is the place to be! With a restaurant, bar, pool hall, coffee shop, guest house, and conference hall with both indoor and outdoor seating in the only outdoor garden in Iganga Town, it is an “every man’s” go-to. Offering a delicious variety of Western, Indian, and Ugandan cuisine, as well as a relaxing and enjoyable ambience, there is no place like it in Iganga. A haven for expats looking for a variety of food choices and a quiet place to just “be”, a prime meeting place for businessmen to talk business or unwind for the day, the place to bring that special someone for date-night, and a hub for sports fans wanting to watch big matches… Sol View brings EVERYONE together. Providing Iganga a social and community hotspot, Sol View simultaneously acts as a training center for catering and hospitality!



Tailoring, Knitting, and Tie-Dye

IMG_0202-2Musana has trained over 100 women in tailoring, knitting, embroidery, and tie-dye. What started as an outlet targeting tourists and the oversea market with African merchandise, this branch has amplified with a window to reach local consumers. Our women currently have contracts with multiple schools, businesses, and organizations in Iganga to make uniforms, sweaters, bags, and other local demands. Concurrently, these women continue to perfect their handiwork in the creation of beautiful merchandise that is sold in the tourist craft market in Uganda and overseas. Every item that is made in this department not only supports Musana, but provides an income for the women, enabling them to provide for themselves and their  families.

Outsourcing Projects

As the quality of our tailoring, knitting, embroidery, and tie-dye merchandise continues to rise, so does our opportunity within the international market. Musana has started to establish partnerships with third-party organizations and businesses to outsource merchandise on a contract basis. These third party entities design a product that is perfectly created by Musana’s talented women to sell to international retailers. A percentage of the profit per sale is then donated back to Musana. We make the product, they sell it, and we all gain!

Yoganda Bag 2

Taozi Tree Yoga

In 2014, Musana partnered with Taozi Tree Yoga to produce the ‘Yoga’ + ‘Uganda’= ‘The Yoganda Bag’. The project trained seven vulnerable women in Musana’s skill department to master the handiwork in creating the intricately designed yoga mat bag. Their creations are sold in yoga studios around the world through Taozi Tree Yoga with a portion of the profits making their way back to Musana.  Read More

Freedom Collective International

In 2016, Musana’s partnership with Freedom Collective International (FCI) began with the creation of FCI’s Musana Line that includes beautifully hand-made products created from the traditional East African Maasai fabric. The products are sold by Musana, FCI online, and at retail shops in the United States.  Read More