Our Approach

Our Vision: 

To see rural communities in Uganda develop using sustainable solutions that give HOPE and DIGNITY to the most vulnerable.

Donor Investment:

Our donors provide CAPITAL for sustainable enterprises that break the cycle of dependency and build capacity for transformation. 

We Believe In…

LOCAL OWNERSHIP: Our projects are envisioned and implemented by a team of local men and women who empower and drive the community to take a leadership role in “being the change.”

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We promote an innovative social business mentality by creating enterprises focused on health, education, and skill development.

SUSTAINABILITY: We aim to generate 100% of our operating budget through locally generated funds from our social enterprises.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We fight corruption through strict checks and balances, and internal controls to ensure that every Ugandan shilling is spent with integrity and efficiently supports the development of the community.

The Cycle:

Our social enterprises work independently but in support of each other, cycling the profits back into the community through education scholarships, rural workshops, medical assistance, microloans, and skills training. 

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Led and envisioned by local Ugandans, Musana is not a charity, but a sustainable solution. Bringing economic and social development together, Musana uses social enterprises as a catalyst for change. Musana is breaking the cycle of poverty through an integrated, holistic approach that is restoring hope and dignity by pointing to us, the locals, in realizing our capacity to not only survive, but to thrive.


We believe in INVESTMENT. We do not need financial support for operations. Our community has proven its capacity to run our initiatives effectively and sustainably on a daily basis. We DO need INVESTORS who believe in sustainable solutions that can and will break the cycle of poverty. By giving to Musana, you are providing capital for GROWTH that will reach more children, more women, employ more locals, and empower more communities to “be the change.”


Our unique model of development is THE sustainable solution that has transformed the way Iganga, Uganda is tackling poverty. In the near future, we will replicate and expand this model to impact other parts of Uganda, East Africa, and maybe one day around the world. We have already proven the capacity of one community to “be the change,” it is time to empower other communities to do the same!

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