Musana Community Development Organization (MCDO) tackles poverty through an integrated, holistic approach that recognizes the multifaceted and interconnected needs of the most vulnerable, bringing economic and social development together. We utilize profit-generating social enterprises as a catalyst for change. Each enterprise meets a need in the community, working independently but in support of each other.

Musana Nursery, Primary and Vocational High Schools offer a center of excellence with a focus on leadership, creative thinking, literacy, and practical life skills to mold the future generation of Ugandan leaders.

Musana Community Health Center provides quality affordable compassionate health care to the community with the best facilities in the region.

Musana’s Skill Development Projects include a restaurant, bakery, and tailoring, knitting, and embroidery project. These enterprises supply a demand in the community of Iganga, while acting as one of the largest training centers in the area where the most vulnerable are equipped with business and practical skills that enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

Although independent, Musana’s enterprises meet both the supply and the demand of the local market and provide for other MCDO projects, while simultaneously reaching out to the most vulnerable.  In a cycle, ALL of Musana’s initiatives work together to create a movement of sustainable solutions that are transforming the community.