“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” – Arab proverb

Musana Community Health Center

The deficiency of quality health services has been pinpointed as a detrimental challenge that the people of Iganga face. Iganga has one hospital that lacks resources and personnel to provide for the overwhelming number of patients that come on a daily basis. As a result, the million people that this facility serves are not receiving proper medical care and are suffering or dying due to a lack of treatment. In order to combat the dire need, Musana decided to build a health facility centered on compassionate, affordable, and quality care.

Musana Community Health Center’s (MCHC) 24-hour facility opened in February 2016. With the best amenities in Iganga, MCHC offers services in dental, pediatrics, radiology, immunization, laboratory testing, minor surgeries, and maternity. The expansion of the center into a 70-bed facility opened in June 2018 with the addition of a maternity ward, a pediatric ward, men’s and women’s wards, two operating theaters, and eleven private rooms.


The vision of MCHC is to transform the standards of health care in Iganga by offering a patient-centered, holistic, and compassionate approach. We emphasize values such as “Patients come first,” respect and dignity, commitment to quality of care, integrity and accountability, good stewardship and commitment, teamwork, and compassion.

MCHC remains dedicated to the overarching organizational model, which is to establish sustainable solutions through social enterprises. MCHC is our main initiative to meet the health needs of the community, while running as a business with affordable services. Ugandans pay small fees for hospital visits to help cover operational costs. Like all of Musana projects, any profits earned are used towards our outreach initiatives, including “Project Restore” that reaches out to vulnerable children and adults in dire health/disability situations to provide them medical scholarships.