"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

At Musana, we believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty within families and the community as a whole. With high drop out rates and a lack of quality standards within schools in Iganga, we are committed to challenging the typical status quo. Instead, we offer the community quality educational institutes that go beyond exclusively utilizing the Ugandan curriculum to raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders to “be the change.”

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Our Schools 

Nursery and Primary Schools

Musana Nursery and Primary School’s three campuses educate more than 2,400 children from the surrounding communities of Iganga and Kaliro as well as other areas of Uganda. Our education team is committed to seeing the children develop into strong champions who will drive the future development of their country. Expanding off of the Ugandan curriculum, our teachers strive to offer a holistic learning experience focused on leadership, creative thinking, literacy, and practical life skills. Additionally, the children partake in many extra curricular activities that include soccer, volleyball, netball, track and field, arts and crafts, music, dance, drama, and agriculture. Musana’s schools offer kid-friendly spacious environments with bright colorful buildings that contain the best educational facilities in Iganga. In 2018, Musana Nursery and Primary School ranked as a top school in Iganga District and was promoted by the Ugandan government as a center of excellence.  We are known for our high educational standards, exceptional living conditions and most importantly, our emphasis on being a Christ-centered loving home to all the children who enter our gates.

Vocational High School

Musana Vocational High School (MVHS) opened in February 2017 to give our primary school graduates a place to continue to be molded into difference-makers who will drive their country in the decades to come. MVHS stresses leadership and character building, as well as pushes creative thinking and literacy to the next level.  Simultaneously, students take courses in trade skills such as welding, catering and hospitality, mechanics, carpentry, tailoring, etc. As a result, these young adults are being equipped mentally and physically for the next chapter of their lives, with the character, brains, and skills either to continue their education, utilize their trade to provide for themselves and their families, or both. Currently, Musana Vocational High School educates 600+ Senior 1 to Senior 4 students. By 2021, this number will grow to 800, offering both Ordinary and Advanced levels from Senior 1 to Senior 6.

All profits from our schools are cycled back into the community through…


Dedicated to our original mission to provide for orphaned and vulnerable children, MCDO’s scholarship program strives to pave a road of opportunity for Uganda’s youth who were born into circumstances in which they have lacked choice. Through the provision of scholarships, we refuse to see potential wasted. On the contrary, we are tapping into the greatness of Uganda’s youth that has been masked by economic class to raise the next generation of transformative leaders.

Each year our social workers identify the most vulnerable children who would not get an education otherwise, offering them a position at Musana schools. We intermix these children with all the other students from the community, keeping them anonymous so they can go to school with dignity, free from the stigma of being vulnerable and in need.

An important part of our scholarship program is our relationship with the children’s relatives. In order to become a beneficiary in this program, we require our children’s parents and relatives to work alongside us and take an active role in building their children’s futures. We encourage families to provide what they can, whether as small as a couple of pencils or as big as partial tuition. As a result, parents and guardians continue to take pride and responsibility in their children’s well-being, and in return, the children grow up knowing that their family did what they could out of love. We also insist that Musana’s children spend the holidays in their villages to ensure they keep their cultural roots. Our social workers further check-up and counsel the children’s relatives, working directly to improve not only the quality of life for the children, but the entire family. For the children that do not have living relatives, Musana staff or community members adopt them into their families and treat them as their own.

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