Board Of Directors

Musana is made up of two boards, the Ugandan local board and the U.S. board. The two boards work closely together, united with the same passion, mission, and vision for the people of Iganga.

Ugandan Local Board Members

The Ugandan local board includes respected Ugandan residents as well as American stakeholders that have a heart for the community of Iganga. They meet in Iganga, Uganda on a quarterly basis to pinpoint community needs and standards for Musana operations. Each member provides insight and wisdom towards the greater good of the organization. Members of the board assist in facilitating goodwill among the local community and spread the hope of Musana.

Ivan Kisige: Chairman
Isabirye Hariri Kazindra (Haril): Secretary
Andrea Pauline Kazindra: Treasurer
Beth Baleke
Dr. Peter Kawanguzi
Edward Kimalyo
Loida Nambi
Pat Pauline: U.S. Board Liaison

United States Board of Directors

The U.S. board consists of experienced and enthusiastic individuals that meet monthly in Denver, Colorado. The main purpose of this board is to fundraise for Musana Community Development Organization in Uganda. This board approves budgets created by the on-ground Ugandan team and the local board. They also act as a support system to Musana’s leaders through encouragement and shared wisdom. Each board member has a unique perspective and together they ensure the best for the organization.

David Morrison: U.S. Board President
Don Dolifka: U.S. Board Vice President
Bob Moser: Treasurer
Jodi Gawf: Secretary
Tom Ladtkow
Jacque French
Wally Peters
Bob Rensink
Paul Brunner
Jennifer Cerf
Leigh Dunn

U.S. Board Advisory
Pat Pauline
Geno Pauline
Stew Pirnack

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