“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Musana is not solely a group of people working to empower the people of Iganga, Uganda to “be the change.” Who we are is so much bigger than that! Musana is an entire community… a movement that is igniting economic and social transformation through fostering local ownership, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and accountability. Our local leadership and support team comprises the visionaries, initiators, organizers, doers, and advocates for everything Musana stands for!

Our Ugandan Leadership Team

Musana is operated by a passionate team of over 200 Ugandans who have become champions within the community of Iganga, Uganda.  They are led by incredible local leaders who work tirelessly to be the drivers of their own community development and empowerment.

Ugandan Administration and Social Work

Education Leadership

Health Leadership

Skill Development Leadership


Our Support Team

In support of the local initiative taking place in Uganda, our American team acts as ambassadors for our model, paving way to expand the impact that is being steered by our local leadership team on ground.