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A Decade of Impact – Celebrating 10 Years of Community Transformation!

Over the past 10 years, Musana’s programs have grown from our original 80 children to over 38,000 people that are directly accessing our education, health, and skill development services. On October 19 th , the community of Iganga gathered to celebrate all that has been accomplished and it was a spectacular day. Over 1,000 community members flooded the football field at Musana Vocational High School. Performances were done by Musana students, staff members, youth in Iganga, and local musicians- all sharing composed songs, poems, and speeches about the transformation that has taken place in their community. Additionally, Musana’s women and children shared powerful testimonies about how their lives have changed forever because of Musana. The entire full-time staff of 200+ people danced around the field, surrounding Haril Kazindra, Musana’s Co-founder and Director. The ownership they feel for Musana was evident as their faces gleamed with pride. Haril passionately shared how Musana started, the impact that has been made, and the exciting plans for the future replication of our bold development model in other districts of Uganda. The top government officials, district leaders, and Ugandan board members attended and congratulated Musana for the great work done. Also, in attendance was a team of longtime Musana supporters from the United States who came to witness the joyous occasion! October is a rainy season in Uganda and for most of the day, dark clouds circled the field and thunder was heard in the distance. We all sat praying that God would hold off the heavy downpour and sure enough, He did, giving us a simple reminder that Musana is in His hands!

They made it! May E-Newsletter

They made it! One year ago we began working with Homes of Living Hope, a Colorado based non-profit that outfits containers and sends them around the world with donated items packed inside. In partnership with two companies in Lafayette, Casey Industrial and MTech, two old 40-foot shipping containers were transformed into electrical, plumbing, and art classrooms for our vocational high school. We spent months collecting medical equipment and supplies for our hospital, vocational training materials, art supplies, tables and chairs, sports and music equipment, and more. Over 1,000 Colorado residents were involved in donating, packing, and renovating the containers. In February, they were loaded onto a ship and set their course across the ocean, traveling over 8,000 miles to Uganda! Around 5PM on May 19 th , the trucks pulled up to Musana Community Health Center and the excitement from the staff, patients, and community members was contagious! Within minutes there were men everywhere carrying the boxes into the newly constructed in-patient wing. After hours of unloading, the containers were brought to their final destination at Musana Vocational High School. At around 10PM, everyone sat back and admired the beautiful new classrooms, eager to see students training within the walls. This week, the roof between the containers is being constructed to provide an outdoor/indoor workspace for practical lessons and all the donated items are being set up across Musana’s projects, including 40 hospital beds! The last few months our hospital has been at full capacity and we have had to turn patients away because of space. Now, we will be able to expand our services with the 70-bed expansion set to open next month!
A special thank you to Homes of Living Hope, Casey Industrial, Mtech, and everyone who contributed to make this a reality! God continues to amaze us!

Build, Transform, and Sustain – April E-Newsletter

Can you believe we are already 1/3 of the way through 2018!?
So much is happening in Iganga, Uganda and we continue to be so grateful for all of your support as we… Build, Sustain, Transform.
Build: We build quality infrastructure for health and education facilities.
Sustain: We are local leaders who believe in our own capacity to drive economic and social growth. We believe that the key to true local ownership is in financial sustainability when the community can effectively run income generating projects, take pride in their accomplishments, and initiative in the way forward. In 2017, our social enterprises generated 90% of our operating budget!
 Transform: We transform…
…. the livelihood of community members by igniting confidence in vulnerable women, challenging them to be job creators; and investing profits towards education and health scholarships, outreaches, and micro-loans.
…the standards of social services by offering quality and affordable education and health care to ALL community members.
…the economy by starting and supporting local businesses, and employing hundreds of community members.
…the hearts of community members through spiritual development centered on love and compassion for one another.

8 Years of Sunshine (September Newsletter)

This month we celebrate 8 years! On September 16, 2008, we moved the first 40 children to Musana and boy, has it been an adventure since. Every September we find ourselves looking back on the years and how we have grown as an organization alongside those original 80 kids who were Musana those first couple of years.  We are excited and proud to see our youngest become the leaders of Musana Primary School and our oldest start their journey into adulthood!


Fund the Vision (November Newsletter)

Fund the Vision this Holiday Season

It has been another incredible year of sunshine in Iganga, Uganda! As many of you know, “musana” means sunshine in the local language and this year Musana’s bright light has impacted over 2,730 individuals PLUS their families through services in education, health, skill development, economic development, and agriculture. We are beyond grateful for the generosity of our Musana family around the world who has enabled such growth!


Training Towards a Dependency Free Community (October Newsletter)

Training Towards a Dependency Free Community!

A few times a year in Iganga, Uganda, Musana’s leadership team hosts training sessions for the entire Musana staff and the guardians of our scholarship children to ensure that the Musana family understands and believes in the mission and vision of WHAT we do and HOW we work. This year’s training occurred days before our leader, Haril Kazindra, left for the United States for the 2015 Road Show. What should have been an exhausting twelve-hour day was anything but tiring for this ambassador for change. After twelve hours of mingling with staff and guardians, presenting Musana’s development model, mission and vision, Musana’s leader was re-energized and more passionate than ever to work! Many of the EIGHTY employees and HUNDREDS of family members whose perspective of Musana’s presence was shifted over the many hours of training were right behind him, thrilled to be a part of what Musana stands for!


Seven Years of Transformation (September Newsletter)

Seven Years of Transformation

September marked 7 years since Musana began and boy, was it a month full of reflection about where Musana started, how far it has come, and where it is going. BIG things are happening inside the umbrella of what Musana Community Development Organization is today, things that 7 years ago were inconceivable. In the beginning, Musana was 80 children plus a few adults that were solely caretakers of those original sunrays of hope. Today, Musana’s income generating and outreach projects exceed ANYTHING we could have ever dreamed about in September 2008.


Moms of Musana

Moms of Musana

If Musana Nursery and Primary School were a human body, the children would be the heart, teachers the feet, administration the brain, and the matrons the backbone.

Each morning at 4:45am Pricilla, Mackline, Oliver, Ida, Edith, and Dorcas are up before the sun. Their first task takes place in the morning darkness as they make their way down the rows of bunk beds to prepare their 250 children for school. The belief that it takes a village to raise strong men and women is embraced at Musana Nursery and Primary School and this cultural creed begins with the moms of Musana…the matrons.

Often unnoticed by visitors, the matrons are responsible for ensuring that clothes are washed, the compound is cleaned, and the children are fed and bathed. When first stepping onto the Musana campus it’s easy to observe the kids at play and the teachers at work; however, it’s not as simple to spot Pricilla and Mackline in the kitchen making over 700 meals daily or Oliver sitting in the shade washing the dirty bowls from breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The matrons help to facilitate the success and wellbeing of their kids by acting as mothers, caretakers, cooks and supervisors to the hundreds of children boarding at Musana. Not only do these women never take a day off during term, but they also live alongside their kids sleeping in the dormitories just feet away from their students.

A typical day begins at the crack of dawn as each matron prepares her students for the day. The women ensure that their kids have bathed, made their beds, and mopped the floor of their room all before 6:00am. Breakfast is served at 6:30am, but before then the compound is cleaned with the matrons keeping a close watch.

As the children go to class, the matrons divide and get to work preparing to serve the meals for break and lunch. During this time dishes are being cleaned, tea is being steeped, and posho is being cooked. Come 2:00pm the women take a break to enjoy lunch. They can be found eating and laughing in the back of the kitchen with their neon colored bowls filled with posho, beans, rice, or porridge.

When school lets out at 4:00pm the children take their second bath for the day and are then fed dinner at 6:30pm. During this time the matrons are cleaning the kitchen and closing up shop for the day. While the children are getting ready to sleep, the women make sure their kid’s shoes are shined as a last order of business.


The matrons at Musana are the first to rise in the morning and the last to sleep at night. Their dedication and commitment to their work is not only honorable, but it is essential to the success of Musana Nursery and Primary School. With every bed that’s made and with every shoe that’s shined the moms of Musana continue to help the students thrive.

Musana Competes

Musana Competes

July is an exciting time of year for Primary schoolers in Uganda as athletes, dancers, actors, and singers compete in the county and district games!

I want to build a hospital

I want to build a hospital.

We were touched by this blog written by a volunteer who recently visited Musana and saw with her own eyes the need for a Health Center. Alissa writes, “The need is great.  The need is so so so great.  For rescuing children.  For providing education.  For helping widows.  And also, as I learned, for healthcare.  So enough beating around the bush.  Here’s the deal: I want to build a hospital.  Or, rather, I want to get a hospital built.  And I want to ask for YOUR help to do that.