Summer Internships 

Musana would love to partner with you through our volunteer program. We host volunteers for 3 months at a time on campus, pairing skilled individuals with one of our social businesses, and allowing you to work alongside our Ugandan staff. Come build relationships, learn the strengths and assets of the Ugandan people and share your knowledge to empower the local leaders to “be the change.”

2017 Summer Internship Roles:

Education intern – this individual is interested in learning about international education, has teacher training and/or experience, is skilled in working with children and is willing to support the teachers of Musana’s Nursery and Primary school. Responsibilities include learning about the teaching staff and their roles; word processing for the Director of Studies and other educational staff; creating classroom visuals as requested; supporting the teachers to develop and implement extracurricular learning activities for our nursery school students; overseeing library hours; and tutoring students after hours (evenings and weekends).

Social Work intern – this individual is interested in learning about cross-cultural life skill development, especially in regards to family planning counseling, nutritional training and medical assistance, as well as identification of vulnerable children who can receive Musana’s scholarships. A working knowledge of social, health care and/or human development is required. Responsibilities include learning about the social work staff and their roles; word processing and creating community educational pieces as requested by the social workers; assisting in the planning and facilitation of internal and community workshops; assisting in the health center as necessary; accompanying children to medical appointments and/or the doctor in emergencies as directed; and following up with Project Restore patients (if the intern has health care education and experience).

Women’s Project intern – this intern desires to work with vulnerable women through community development. Skill sets required include creativity, design, working knowledge of sewing or tailoring and /or marketing. Responsibilities include learning about the Women’s Project staff and participants; encouraging the women; developing quality control procedures; teaching skill development as applicable; working with stateside staff to get pictures and item descriptions on Musana’s website; 3-6 month commitment post-internship to market and promote Musana merchandise back in the states; working with the Merchandise Coordinator, local and international contacts to develop and maintain merchandise contracts; plan and implement weekend craft activities for on-campus children; paint murals on campus buildings.

Hospital Administration intern – this intern desires to work alongside the Medical Director of the Health. Training in public health, health and human resources or medical training is required. Responsibilities include assisting the Health Center Administrator and Medical Director; creating visual aids and educational materials for the health center; assisting with intake procedures of and screenings patients for the health center;; assisting with set up and organization of equipment, supplies and procedures for the health center.

Nurse intern – this individual desires to work alongside the health center’s nursing staff as they serve patients in Musana’s health center. Responsibilities include assisting the nursing staff with screening and intake procedures; assisting with patient care—from intake through follow up care, as necessary; supporting patient education; upholding standards of care, including cleanliness, charting, interpersonal interaction; and assisting the nurses as directed. Applicants must have CNA training or equivalent.

Pharmacy intern – this individual desires to work in the health center with our pharmacists in preparing and dispensing medicine as directed by the medical staff. Responsibilities include counting and dispersing medicine; creating visual aids and educational materials for the pharmacy and health center; assisting the pharmacist as directed. Pharmacy training or experience required prior to applying.

Communications intern – this individual must be skilled in communications both visually and in written form. Responsibilities include helping collect stories to be used on Musana’s website and social media outlets; posting to social media outlets according to our organizational calendar; coordinating with on campus staff and children to collect and document updates for Musana’s SHINE program (to be sent to stateside donors); photography/videography; blogging as requested by campus staff. This intern must be able to follow a schedule, communicate clearly both interpersonally and in written form while respecting staff responsibilities in Uganda.

Spiritual Formation – this individual must be willing and able to work with students, staff and administration in the spiritual development of all campus activities. This applicant must have sound biblical theology, good communication skills in small and large group settings, and a passion for discipleship. Responsibilities include working with Musana’s volunteer church staff; developing and forming small groups and studies, mentoring older students in spiritual leadership, and creating or modifying current biblical study materials for Musana’s secondary school students.

Our internship program is open from June through August.  Applications for the summer program are due by February 1st.

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Contact Ashley Leach, Stateside Coordinator ( with questions.

Want to take a group to Musana? 

Musana also hosts teams of volunteers from our partnering churches and other organizations. If your church or organization would like to see our work in Uganda firsthand, please contact Ashley Leach, Stateside Coordinator (

Looking for a place to stay while you’re in Uganda?

Musana’s guesthouse provides comfortable room and board and meals suitable for individuals or groups of people. Please email Ashley, Leach (