“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” –Chinese Proverb

As MCDO continues to achieve revenue sources that are 100% Ugandan based and supported by a self-sustaining cost structure, agriculture is a natural channel as it plays a significant role in the prosperity of the country. Agriculture makes up 71% of the Ugandan economy as well as enables the people to survive off of the land. In Iganga District, 80% of the population lives off of subsistence farming alone. Recognizing the importance of agriculture to Uganda and the fertility of the land as an asset, Musana’s Farm Projects tap into the industry. With 35 acres of land, we utilize commercial farming methods to inform and demonstrate improved techniques to local farmers who can further benefit from the skills gained to provide for themselves and their families. Meanwhile, Musana generates quality dairy, meat, and vegetable produce to be sold in the local market.


Dairy Farm

MCDO maintains a small dairy operation that consistently provides fresh milk to supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses in Iganga on a daily basis. Our dairy cows are well cared for and tended to by a dedicated staff. The cows are housed in clean stalls and monitored closely to consider all factors that may affect milk production. Our cows are bred using artificial insemination to ensure that the increase in number of cattle is of high quality. We grow our own feed (maize and elephant grass) throughout the year and utilize new silage pits for storage to guarantee a consistent supply regardless of the availability in the market due to seasonal challenges.






Crop Production

MCDO assesses markets and climate conditions on a seasonal basis to determine what crops will bring a prosperous yield and the biggest profit margin. Cash crops like beans, pineapples, and tomatoes grow alongside fruit trees and over 400 banana plants, ensuring a stream of consistent revenue. Regardless of market fluctuations, the nutritional meal program for Musana Nursery and Primary School creates a constant demand for fruits, vegetables, and legumes.  Growing crops in-house reduces purchasing costs and allows MCDO to sell excess product to retailers. Local villagers participate in the busy season expanding their expertise in farming techniques as they help in land preparation, fertilizer distribution, seed planting, and harvesting.








As Uganda has become East Africa’s number one pork consuming nation, the demand for quality pigs has increased. MCDO’s piggery helps supply the demand for this market by breeding and raising piglets to be sold locally. With thorough monitoring and care, we ensure that the pigs are healthy and strong.




IMG_0911Goat Project

As the most popular meat in Uganda, goat sells at a higher price than beef. It is a favorite for special occasions such as holidays and community celebrations. To aid in providing this delicacy to the public, we have a small goat project for the purpose of breeding and selling the meat in the local market. Our goats graze on our 35 acres of farmland, receiving a 100% grass diet. Their low maintenance feeding and care makes them highly profitable!